Thursday, January 22, 2009

Pullin a SaV

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love Trina!

Thursday, January 8, 2009

After the first week of 2009

It is an encouraging beginning to the new year. Results are really the only thing that ultimately means anything when it is all said and done so I gave up making New Year's resolutions a number of years ago. Too many resolutions are temporary and garner no results in the long run so why waste the time. With that in mind, I am encouraged because so far the areas that I need to see results in are off to a pretty good start. 

If I had to give an idea of what I need to be focused on this year, it would have to be simplification. For anyone who knows me well or has followed this intermitted blog, I am not motivated by stuff and am not a pack rat by nature. In fact, the opposite is more likely true. It is pleasurable for me to go through my life at times and discard the articles, items, clothes, and habits that no longer are beneficial to me. I joked with my wonderful husband that for Christmas I wanted a dumpster dropped in the driveway and the family's permission to go through the house, all of the spaces in it, and clean it out without worrying about anyone getting upset about what I discarded! 

Simplification is a interesting process that impacts life greatly when taken seriously. It adds to peace and contentment because less time is required to take care of the unnecessary stuff! I love it! Simplification will help you to focus on what really is important to you. Rather, for me it helps. 

My mornings have changed a bit and I am so thankful for that. Up earlier, read my Bible, work out and get started with the rest of my day and then in the evenings escape for solitude and my journal. Theses things are vitally important to me and as I am shedding things and activities that no longer fit in my life, these important activities continue to rise and claim their places of priority.

Each room in my home is getting a revamp - I am not waiting for spring cleaning. It is helping to reclaim order in areas as well. Multiplicity is a wonderful thing.